Stake on Ethereum

The staking mechanism for EtheRunes (ETR) is designed to reward token holders with Ethereum (ETH) based on the amount of ETR they stake. Here are the key features of the staking program:

Reward Structure

  • Rewards are distributed based on the total ETR staked in the pool:

    • Less than 20 million ETR: Annual reward of 40 ETH.

    • 20 million to 30 million ETR: Annual reward of 60 ETH.

    • 30 million ETR or more: Annual reward of 80 ETH.

Reward Distribution

  • Rewards are calculated daily and distributed at 0:00 UTC.

  • The entire tax collected for rewards is maintained and divided among all stakeholders proportionally to their staked amount.

Withdrawal Conditions

  • Immediate Withdrawal: Stakers can withdraw their ETR tokens at any time.

  • Early Withdrawal Penalty:

    • If tokens are withdrawn within 15 days of staking, only 70% of the tokens can be withdrawn while the remaining 30% are burned.

    • After 15 days, 100% of the tokens can be withdrawn without penalty.

  • The timing for the withdrawal penalty is calculated from the last stake date until the withdrawal function is called.

Example Scenario:

Let's consider a scenario to understand how this staking mechanism works:

  • John stakes 10,000 ETR on Day 1. Assuming the total pool stake is 25 million ETR, the annual reward rate is 60 ETH.

  • Daily Reward Calculation:

    • The total reward for the year is 60 ETH.

    • Daily, this translates to 60ETH/3650.1644ETH60 ETH/365≈0.1644 ETH per day for the entire pool.

  • John's Share:

    • If John’s 10,000 ETR represents 0.04% of the total pool (10,000 ETR / 25,000,000 ETR), his daily reward would be 0.1644ETH×0.0004=0.00006576ETH0.1644 ETH×0.0004=0.00006576 ETH per day.

  • Withdrawal:

    • If John decides to withdraw his stake on Day 10, he would face an early withdrawal penalty. He could only withdraw 7,000 ETR, and 3,000 ETR would be burned.

    • If he waits until Day 16 or later, he can withdraw all 10,000 ETR without any penalty.

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