Contribution Guidelines

1. Understanding the Project

  • Familiarize Yourself: Before contributing, take time to understand the goals, architecture, and existing functionalities of the EtheRunes project. This includes reviewing the project's documentation, whitepaper, and active issues or feature requests.

  • Mission Alignment: Ensure that your contribution aligns with the mission and vision of EtheRunes, aiming to enhance interoperability and functionality between the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.

2. Types of Contributions

  • Code Contributions: For developers looking to contribute code, please follow the coding standards and guidelines specific to the Ethereum and Bitcoin platforms. All code submissions should be made via pull requests on our GitHub repository.

  • Documentation: Clear and accurate documentation is crucial for any project. Contributions to improve or expand the project documentation are highly encouraged.

  • Bug Reports: If you encounter bugs or issues, please report them using the project’s issue tracker on GitHub. Provide detailed information including steps to reproduce, expected results, and actual results.

  • Feature Suggestions: Have an idea that could improve the project? Submit a feature request through our issue tracker, detailing the proposed feature and its potential impact on the project.

3. Contribution Process

  • Fork and Clone Repository: Start by forking the project repository and cloning it locally to make changes.

  • Branching Strategy: Create a new branch for your changes. Keep your branch focused on addressing specific issues or features to facilitate a clear and manageable review process.

  • Commit Messages: Write clear and concise commit messages, describing what has been changed and why.

  • Pull Requests: Submit a pull request to the main branch when you are ready for the changes to be reviewed. Provide a detailed description of the changes and link back to any relevant issues.

4. Code Reviews

  • Peer Review: All submissions, including pull requests, will undergo peer review by one or more project maintainers. This process helps ensure quality and consistency.

  • Feedback and Revisions: Be open to receiving feedback and making necessary revisions to your contributions. Collaboration and flexibility are key to the iterative improvement of the project.

5. Community and Communication

  • Join the Community: Engage with the EtheRunes community through forums, chats, or social media. Active participation can provide valuable insights and foster collaborations.

  • Respectful Interaction: Maintain professionalism and respect in all communications. The EtheRunes community is diverse and inclusive, and respectful interaction is paramount.

6. Recognition and Rewards

  • Contributor Recognition: Contributors who make significant positive impacts will be recognized in project communications and possibly rewarded depending on the nature and extent of their contributions.

  • Opportunities for Growth: Contributors who consistently add value may be offered opportunities to take on more significant roles within the project or related initiatives.

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